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Howdy folks, 

I couldn’t be more proud to announce I’m part of Apple’s new Shot on iPhone campaign! They’ve selected a collection of images from photographers and everyday iPhone users around the world and are plastering them on buildings, billboards, bus transits, and more.

Three of my pieces were selected: two photos and one time-lapse! It’s super surreal looking up on the side of the building in Dallas and realizing I shot this picture!

The above video shows a bit of the process of capturing the transformation of this building into a big piece of waterfall art (and also a few tips about how I captured the time-lapse).

View final time-lapse on Instagram

Will Graham met me at 4:30AM to help get the time-lapse started. It ended up being a two-day process to tear down the old banner and put up the new piece, but was really fun to capture along the way.

If you enjoyed the video or use any of the techniques, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you as I shape further training material.

I'm working on more behind-the-scenes content right now, coming soon!


iPhone Gear I Used:

Sidekick360  |  Ultrapod  |  Camalapse  |  PowerAdd


Huge thanks for BTS shots: 

Will Graham  |  Skyler Fike  |  Esther Havens  |  Jordan Bellamy

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