Create insanely cool shots by unlocking Hyperlapse

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I’ve been using Instagram’s Hyperlapse app like crazy so I wanted to share with you about how I’ve been using it and why it’s so awesome.

If you aren’t familiar, this app is designed to create extremely stable handheld time-lapses. The stabilization technology is really fascinating (it uses the gyroscope in your iPhone to stabilize any shaky video). You can read more about the technology here.

…you can now shoot remarkably stable timelapses… anywhere, anytime… without lugging around tripods and other big camera equipment.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Why it matters for you, though, is that you can now shoot remarkably stable time-lapses… anywhere, anytime… without lugging around tripods and other big camera equipment. It used to be that you had to plan your time-lapses and shape your shoot/life around them. Now, there's insane power in your pocket and you can be ready to capture a killer clip, any time of the day. 

Copenhagen Metro.

Copenhagen Metro.

Lake Langano, Ethiopia



Tip #1: Unlock Full HD & more

There’s also a fun (and super useful) little easter egg the Instagram team has built in to the Hyperlapse app. You can unlock entirely new features by tapping on your screen four times with four fingers. 

Sometimes it takes a few tries, but once you get it you’ll reveal new features like 24FPS, expanded speeds (up to 40x) and FULL HD at 1080p.

1. Open Hyperlapse.

2. Make sure you are in shooting mode (can see the shutter button at bottom center).

3. Tap the screen four times with four fingers. (Note: This is tricky and it still takes me ten tries to get it sometimes.)

4. Voilà! You'll see this screen and you can choose your different settings. Personally, I upped the quality to 1080P and switched the frame rate to 24 frames per second. 

Pretty awesome and fun, huh?

*Thanks to my buddy Matt Johnson for this tip!

Tip #2: Capture Real Time Video

Most people think of Hyperlapse as a tool for shooting time-lapses that are sped up, but I’ve actually been using Hyperlapse a bit differently than its primary design. Of course, it’s awesome for time-lapse, but I’ve discovered you can play it back in real time (1X), which reveals audio. So I’ve been using it to shoot extremely stable real-time video, as well. (As a bonus, it’s a bit better in low light than the standard video mode in Camera app.)

The following clip is playing back at 1X speed (real time). It was shot using Hyperlapse out of the sunroof of a moving, bumpy car.

Dallas, TX

Tip #3: Edit Hyperlapse Later

One last Hyperlapse tip: When you are shooting with Hyperlapse, it asks you to choose your speed and render the clip as soon as you cut the shot. It can sometimes take awhile to render, so that's a bit inconvenient if you are looking to move on to another shot. I've found if you hit the "X" in the top left, it will give you an option to "Edit Later" so you can immediately move on to capturing more content.

Hyperlapse is just plain fun to use and makes your content stand out from the rest.

Download Hyperlapse

Have you captured any supercool time-lapses? Did you unlock new power with the four-finger tap? Upload your stuff to Vimeo and share them in the comments below!

More tips & tricks comin’ at ya soon.


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