Take Better iPhone Photos!

Live feed from my studio where I'm creating and recording training videos!

howdy folks!

Wanted to let you all know the iPhone photo training materials I've been working on for years are almost ready for release! 

iPhone photography is a blast but sometimes the results can be a little frustrating… whether you just want to capture & share sharp photos of loved ones around the house or shoot an epic panorama atop a glacier, sometimes a photo doesn't turn out just like we want it. 

The good news is, the iPhone is really smart and with just a little bit of good direction these problems are easily solved by anyone (even if you're not a pro.) 

Many of you have been asking about this training for quite a while and the wait is almost over, but I need to ask you a favor first… will you help me decide what to teach about?

How much photo experience do you have?


If you have anything else post your specific questions in the comment below… I'll be reading all of them and will do my best to answer every single one in the training videos I'm working on! 

You'll be hearing from me soon! 


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